Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – a strategy used to learn more about customer’s needs and behaviours in order to develop stronger relationships with them. CRM is a strategic process that helps companies understand their customer’s needs and how they can meet those needs and enhance their bottom line at the same time. This strategy depends on bringing together lots of pieces of information about customers and market trends so that the company can sell and market their products and services more effectively.

Connecting with potential customers is one of the biggest challenges facing small businesses today. In fact, converting marketing leads into buyers and finding efficient ways to promote and advertise, are two areas small businesses say they struggle the most with. This finding is supported by studies which found customer acquisition and retention to be the biggest challenges facing their small business partners.

To help overcome customer acquisition challenges, many small businesses are looking into customer relationship management (CRM) tools and strategies. In the past, many viewed CRM as being too complex and expensive to implement for the expected return on investment. But over the last couple of years, SOFTNECT CRM offerings have allowed VISA processing companies of all sizes to implement CRM product and services at a fraction of the cost, time and effort needed in the past.

VISA Processing CRM Approachin SOFTNECT CRM

Softnect-CRM is the primary enterprise offering of the Softnect eSolutions Technologies for VISA processing companies, and provides companies with an interface for lead management and task management, and a system for automatically routing and escalating them. The Softnect-CRM customer portal provides customers the ability to track their own cases, includes a social networking plug-in that enables the user to join the conversation about their company on social networking websites, provides analytical tools and other services including email, chat, Google search, and access to customers' entitlement and contracts. Recently we have integrated technical helpdesk system interacting with customers and solving their issues.

SOFTNECT CRM includes the following features:
  • Multi-channel capabilities for handling customer requests
  • An agent-to-customer communication interface, available as web application
  • An administrative interface to easily configure the system

  • SOFTNECT CRM has the following modules:
    • Registration
    • Lead
    • Payment
    • Email
    • Client Login
    • Report
    • System & Admin
Domain, Host, Bulk Email and Bulk SMS services can be included as an additional service based on customer requirement.