Inventory Management System (IMS)

Inventory management S/W is a solution for that area of business application that address material management and inventory control aspects of an organization. We believe optimal and effective management of materials control can result in substantial levels of cost cut & reduction in cycle times in an organization thus amply justifying automating the information flow & use of an Inventory management S/W solution.

Some of the important functionalities in Inventory management S/W will be indents, exception reports, inventory control, delivery documents, purchase, GRN, related reports, etc.

IMS includes the following features:
  • Multi-channel capabilities
  • An administrative interface to easily configure the system

  • IMS has the following modules:
    • Design Management
    • Purchase Management
    • Store Management
    • Sales Management
    • HR & Payroll Management
    • Accounting Management
    • Report Management
    • System Management
Domain, Host, Bulk Email and Bulk SMS services can be included as an additional service based on customer requirement.